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Loads of Tricks and Plenty of Treats: A Journey through Jungle Cakes Halloween 2023

As the clock ticked closer to midnight on the eerie evening of 28th October, a unique blend of jungle beats and Halloween screams resonated through the heart of Sub 89. The Jungle Cakes Halloween 2023, orchestrated by the harmonious collusion of Jungle Cakes and Centralizin Soundz, promised a night where the wilderness of the jungle rhythm would meet the spookiness of Halloween. They delivered, and how!

The doors flung open at 11pm, beckoning the brave-hearted into a night full of monstrous beats and ghostly rhythms. The anticipation was sky high, and as the night unfolded, it was clear that this was not just a musical event, but an expedition into the wild, uncharted territories of Drum and Bass.

The Line-up: Masters of the Jungle

The ensemble of Jungle and DnB maestros and maestrettes was nothing short of electrifying. Burt Cope seized the night with jump up remixes, teleporting us back with nostalgic jungle and hardcore numbers, while Sye MC’s vocal dynamism over ragga DnB during Benny Page’s set was a crowd puller.

Ed Solo took the decks with a roar, rolling out beats that gradually built up the dance floor’s energy, transitioning later into a Jump Up vibe that left the crowd yearning for more. Serial Killaz then took the reigns, ensuring the floor was packed as they unleashed their classic ragga DnB style set upon us.

KlumsyKhemist was a force to reckon with as she lured folks from the smoking area with a ragga roller opener that had people busting shapes followed by a set with fire skill, she is certainly a rising star in the drum and bass DJ scene. Benny Page, the night’s crown jewel and guest of honour, was impeccable with his mixing and selection, his set filled with powerful horns and heavy ragga vibes that made the crowd go wild.

Then a 3way Back2Back2Back set featuring Benny Page, KlumsyKhemist, and DJ Nay was a rhythmic voyage. Their synergy kept the dance floor alive, each DJ adding a unique touch to the jungle beats narrative. The trio’s seamless transition into Benny Page’s closing set was a high note, showcasing a musical camaraderie that kept the crowd buzzing till the end.

Benny sealed the night with a tantalizing 4/4 and DnB hybrid remix of “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” that had everyone shouting for more. I know I lost my voice that night and I can’t be the only one

Technical Production: Light and Sound Spectacle

The technical production was a sight (and sound) to behold. The venue was awash with rotating and colour-changing lights, disco ball twinkling amidst the rhythmic beats, moving heads, and multi-colour lasers cutting through the dark night, creating an atmosphere of eerie yet energetic Halloween ambiance.

The sound system carried the beats to every nook and cranny of Sub 89, offering a balanced auditory experience that was occasionally marred by some piercing mic feedback. Despite these minor hitches, the auditory and visual setup played a crucial role in creating a surreal and immersive jungle realm for all present.

Voices from the Jungle

We caught up with some attendees and artists to gauge the vibe of the night. Here’s what they had to say:

High energy and likeminded people!

Benny Page, Artist

Nights gone alright. Good vibe. People liking it and crowds happy and that’s all that matters. It’s all about the ravers.

Tom Morgan, Promoter for Centralizin Soundz

I don’t usually listen to DnB but I had a good night. The company makes the night and this event had that.

Persephone, Attendee

Tom, an attendee of the event, was asked to give three words to embody the event and they were:

Friendly, wet, rambunctious.

Tom, Attendee

The wet referring to the monsoon rainstorm witnessed by those queueing at the beginning of the night to gain entry! Wet is a really good description to say the least!

Carolyn, a member of the event crew was also asked to give three words and she said:

Happiness, raving, family!

Carolyn, Crew Member

A Personal Note

As an out-of-towner, the event was a heart-thumping introduction to the local DnB scene. The privilege of celebrating Benny Page’s birthday added a sweet note to the savage beats that reverberated through the night.


As the echoes of Jungle Cakes Halloween 2023 still reverberate in our hearts, we look forward to the next musical expedition. The horizon promises an intriguing vibe with Benny Page’s Run 4 Cover album launch at Ton of Brix on the 24th November; Fabio & Grooverider, Taxman, Ron & more by Centralizin’ Soundz on the 2nd December; and on New Years Eve at Sub89 with Watch The Ride, DJ Rap and Dope Ammo. The jungle beckons again, and we are more than ready to answer its wild, rhythmic call.

The Jungle Cakes Halloween 2023 was not just a night of music; it was an experience that etched savage beats and wild rhythms into the heart of every attendee. Here’s to many more nights of untamed music and unbridled joy. Until the next beat drops, keep the jungle rhythm alive in your hearts!

Construct Sound celebrates the untamed spirit of Jungle Cakes Halloween 2023 and extends heartfelt birthday wishes to Benny Page. The night was a testimony to the unyielding spirit of the DnB community and the magic that unfolds when beats drop, and hearts resonate to the jungle rhythm.


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