About Us

Construct Sound exists solely for the growth of culture, it’s about helping people personally develop their skills and most of all it’s about promoting good music in as many forms as we can represent in as many places as possible.

Our aim is to build a network so vast and expansive, filled with many communities from around the world.


Because with such vast differences in the lives people are experiencing we know we can start to make things together that have never been witnessed before.

We offer the best music from our eclectic mix of artists and producers. Construct Sound also hosts events all over the UK and Europe, and we’ve even hosted events in the Middle East; anything from Techno, Deep, House, Drum ‘n Bass to Grime and Trap.

The experienced team at Construct Sound offer multiple services including audio services, marketing, and artist support. To find out more please click ‘Services’ above. 

We are a record label, talent agency, international event organiser & music marketing company, based in London, U.K.

Coming to a town near you.