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Centralizin’ Soundz: Drum and Bass History Meets the Future

Event Overview

Nestled in the heart of Reading, Sub89 became the epicentre of a musical revolution on a chilly December night. Centralizin’ Soundz orchestrated an event that was more than a concert; it was a cultural rendezvous. Here, the titans of Drum and Bass, Fabio & Grooverider, shared the stage with modern maestros like Taxman and DJ Ron, weaving a tapestry of sound that bridged generations.

The Lineup: An Eclectic Mix of Legends and Innovators

The evening kicked off with Rude Bwoy Monty, whose set was a perfect prelude to the night’s electric atmosphere. Nicky B took over, her set resonating with heavy Sub Bass and a fusion of Neuro, Jump Up, and Rollers. “Nicky started really strong,” Laura, an attendee, recalled, capturing the crowd’s pulse. DJ Ron, with MC Moose, added a flavour of Raggadnb, setting the stage for the night’s headliners, Fabio & Grooverider. Their set was a journey through the roots of Drum and Bass, described as “ruff and ready” and praised for reviving the dance floor’s energy. Taxman, with his Tarantula Remix and a seamless blend of techstep and jump-up, rounded off the night, leaving the audience yearning for more.

Highlights and Atmosphere: A Sensory Extravaganza

From the bright, colourful lights to the unique energy of the ‘Daisy Roots Dancers’, the event was a feast for the senses. The atmosphere was electric, with crew members adding to the charm by handing out lollipops, a sweet touch to an already exhilarating night. Maddie from the crew’s observation, “Brings everybody together,” was a sentiment echoed by many, highlighting the event’s ability to create a sense of community.

Crowd Dynamics: The Heartbeat of the Event

The crowd was an integral part of the night’s success. “Very energetic,” described Mia, an attendee, summarizing the crowd’s vibe. The dance floor was a dynamic entity, responding vocally and interactively to the MCs, creating a tapestry of enthusiasm and joy.

Behind the Scenes: Personal Stories and Connections

The event wasn’t just about music; it was about personal connections. The son of DJ Ron described the night as a fusion of a “fire rave and family bonding”. This sentiment of familial ties and shared experiences was a recurring theme. Emma described it as the “Best night ever”, while Kelsta felt it was the “Best Time of my life”. DJ Nicky B, in her interview, reflected on the welcoming nature of Centralizin’ Soundz, a quality that made the event stand out.

Personal Reflections: A Celebration of Generational Ties

For me, the event underscored the generational appeal of Drum and Bass. Seeing DJ Ron, his brother, and son unite over their shared love of music was not just heartwarming but also a reminder of the genre’s unique ability to transcend generations, binding people together in a shared rhythmic experience.

Quotes from the Heart of Drum and Bass: Voices of Centralizin’ Soundz

Nicky started really strong.


Very energetic.


Best night ever.


Best Time of my life.


Seeing his set tonight was both a fire rave and family bonding.

Son of DJ Ron:

Big wob.


Tonight was pumping!


Good! Thumbs up!

Emma (Number 2)

Don’t stop living.


Vibes, energy, good peeps.

MC Super

Retro, but a bit quiet, It got really good when Fabio & Grooverider performed.

Tom W

Where foundation meets future.

Matt from the Crew

Brings everybody together.

Maddie from the Crew

MTS 2023 till eternity. Proper raves!!!

Michael & Sophie

Always a laugh!

Gareth Davies (Videographer)

I haven’t been to Sub89 in YEARS! I feel like love come home! 🙂


Never Give Up.


Banging Night! DnB brings all souls together – Always good vibes + Happy feet + sore knees.


Cool Night! Bam… Bam!!


Worth it!


These snippets capture the essence of Centralizin’ Soundz: a night where the beats of Drum and Bass reverberated not just through Sub89, but through the hearts and memories of everyone who attended. Each voice contributes to the rich tapestry of this vibrant event, showcasing a community united by rhythm and passion.

Conclusion: The Drum and Bass Legacy Lives On

Centralizin’ Soundz: Fabio And Grooverider LIVE was a powerful testament to the enduring appeal of Drum and Bass. “Where foundation meets future,” as Matt from the crew aptly described, this event wasn’t just a night of music; it was a celebration of a genre that continues to evolve and inspire. As the night concluded, the sentiment shared by Michael & Sophie, “MTS 2023 till eternity. Proper raves!!!”, resonated deeply, echoing the heartbeat of a vibrant, ever-evolving musical community. This event was more than just a gathering; it was a beacon for the future of Drum and Bass, a genre that continues to captivate, unite, and exhilarate enthusiasts across generations.

Upcoming Events and Exciting Releases

As we bask in the afterglow of Centralizin’ Soundz, the beat goes on with more thrilling events on the horizon. Drum and Bass enthusiasts can look forward to the Invicta Tour hitting Reading on February 3rd, promising another unforgettable night at SUB89. Secure your spot and experience the exhilaration here. Following this, mark your calendars for the V Recordings show on February 24th, set to be another standout event.

In the midst of these upcoming events, don’t miss the latest from Construct Massive‘s artist Btrax DnB. His recent release, “The Matrix Has You E.P.“, is a masterful blend of beats and rhythms, showcasing his unique talent in the Drum and Bass scene. The E.P. is available on all platforms now, and you can immerse yourself in its sonic world by checking out the music video.

The Matrix Has You – Btrax DnB

These events and releases are a testament to the vibrant and ever-evolving world of Drum and Bass, offering new sounds and experiences to explore.


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