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Jeff Desmedt


I am Jeff Desmdedt, a young French producer but an older DJ,,,,

I discovered Techno in the early 90’s and it was a revolution! All those synthetic sounds put in those hard loops immediately made me a real Techno lover !!!

I first went to rave parties and saw so many famous DJs like Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, but also Green Velvet, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox and many others in these parties. They were only known by a few people and their style was top notch! It was amazing. Later I went to some very famous Belgian clubs, spending my weekends from Friday to Tuesday morning. Between 1996 and 2000, the atmosphere in Belgian clubs was friendly and crazy.

Nowadays, my productions are oriented towards melodic sounds. They are a mix of Trance and Melodic Techno, but as you can hear on the beatport page of Underground Roof Music, I started to create more Techno tracks.

About my styles when DJing: I especially like to play Techno, Hard Techno and Industrial Techno! The kind of sounds I heard when I started going to rave parties. I like pretty fast rhythms and I usually play at 140 bpm and more! Sometimes you’ll hear cool sets when I play Trance, but it’s as rare as having a Retro set from me! Even if I really like Melodic Trance!!! !! Indeed, I can play slower speed sounds in Trance sets. But I can also play other styles like House, Funky House and Nu Disco. I know there are some very good producers in these styles.

OK! Now you know some things about me, but what you don’t know yet are my ambitions. I like to share the music I produce, but also the music I discover, in my DJ sets. So my goal is to play the music I love for you and for the whole Techno world. I would love to play on big stages and make people groove with the sounds I select. I’m ready for it!

For sure we’ll see each other again, so I’ll just say… goodbye!

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