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A New Concept; Face2Face

Introducing a Pure Techno / Construct Sound concept:

Introducing… Face2Face!

Face To Face Project (NL Audio)

Has there been any real change since the ’90s…?

We still use one stage with a live performer or a DJ, but why…?

Will your festival or venue be a part of this new pioneering experience?

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Have you ever had a mind-blowing idea whilst watching videos about Dance, Techno or Acid music…? We have

What if we told you; “we are the future leaders of live performances”?

From the execution to the perception and interaction, this is a totally new concept that allows unrivalled interactivity between the DJ’s, visuals, lights and sound, resulting in a unique experience for the audience, that will add another magical dimension to your event

We call this spectacular new concept, “Face2Face

TRVLR & Phillip Green

Although the concept of Face2Face is quite simple, it is totally ground-breaking. The main difference from traditional performances, is that we have 2 DJ’s on 2 different stages – hence the name, Face2Face. This allows the crowd to be centre stage and be within the musical performance allowing them to feel like they are the centre of attention! The concept will see both DJ’s working together to combine both their mixes, into one combined musical experience that magnificently engages the audience

We have pioneered a groundbreaking technology that allows both DJ’s to communicate with each other from across the venue to harmonise their mixing, whilst still ensuring that the music is totally synergetic, as the DJ’s alternate control of the sound. using this technological masterpiece, the DJ’s can interact with both the lighting engineer and the VJ


Probably; however, once the crowd understands the concept of two DJ’s working together in unison, they will begin to enjoy the added excitement and quality, as well as the brilliance of a jaw-dropping performance like this.

We know that this new concept will revolutionise the current standard of DJ performances

Presenting a whole new dimension of excitement and interaction with the crowd.

We have begun to bring in DJ’s who have the skill required to execute this concept including Jam Liefhebber and Rick Angel.

All the DJ’s who currently are part of this concept must be taught the methods by the inventors of the concept;

TRVLR & Phillip Green.

This concept will work best with large venues and festivals, as the larger the crowd, the better the experience.

Our DJ’s never use sync! We pride ourselves on old-school beat matching, through vinyl turntables and CDJ’s.

We must, of course, keep the concept’s technicalities a secret. However, we can assure you; that this is the next big thing to transform the live DJ performance industry.

So I’ll ask you again:

Will your festival or venue be a part of this new pioneering experience?