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New Director of Benelux & Germany

Construct is excited to be announcing the appointment of Phillip Green to become the new Director of Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg & Germany. Mr. Green has been appointed on account of his experience within the music industry, being not only an excellent performing artist, but also a great visionary, with expertise in business strategy. Mr Green will mainly be focusing on the development of Construct Media Group within the European market, as well as heading up the events team in the Netherlands. He will also be a member of the board of Directors, assisting with all top-level decisions. We are excited to be welcoming him to the family, and hope that we can build Construct Media Group better and faster, now we have him on board.

This is just the beginning.

From the Construct Board.

Elliot Fieldhouse-Allen [CEO]
Jamie Hilferty [COO]

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