The Hardwarist

Meet ‘The Hardwarist’

The Hardwarist, tekno performer aka Michiel Kok,  got his first Roland 303 at 15, and gained local fame that same year performing at illegal raves in his hometown, carting his gear around in a converted trash container.

From there this amiable, ever positive dude went on to develop his own skills as a live performer, extending his range of machines and synths to include vinyl as well, while diversifying his style, from hardtek/tribecore to tekno/techno and everything in between. One of his early works drew particular attention because of the animation used in the clip.

The Hardwarist/Michiel has made a name for himself, giving solo live-sets, and working with Chewbakka Sound System, among a narrow, but increasingly widening circle of tekno adepts, who appreciate his work throughout Holland and Belgium, and even at Frenchtek.

Seeing him perform, the perpetual roll-your-own dangling from his mouth, is seeing hyperfocus personified, he is lost in music and at the same time in connection with his audience, the photos bear testimony to this.

The titles of some of his tracks reflect his wry sense of humour and the work presented here enables you to draw your own conclusion about ‘The Hardwarist’

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