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March 2020

7th March

Construct Sound Presents:
Pure Techno in the Cambridge Junction

Featuring Lars Huismann!

The name is Techno, Pure Techno….
Pure Techno is bringing the sounds of
clandestine techno music to the masses of Cambridge Town

The name is Techno, Pure Techno…. and we are
bringing the sounds of clandestine techno music
to the masses of Cambridge Town


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Main Room

Lars was born in Berlin in 1987. His career as a musician began very early. At 11 years old he started drumming in different bands. After a few years, he founded his own bands, playing different styles from jazz, fusion and all the way to progressive metal.

His orientation on complex drum grooves makes up his foundation, while still being able to keep an open mind in regards to different styles and the ability to put them together to create a new form of art.

At the age of 18, he discovered producing with different software such as FL-Studio and Cubase. Using these programs he was able to transfer his patterns and sequences from the drum set onto a drum computer. He has always had a natural yearning to tweak his recordings and productions and shape them into unrecognisable elements of sound. However, there was always a strong connection to more heavyweight electronic music. He discovered how great it is to listen and produce techno that basically wants to devour you from the inside out. Vibrating your body with massive bass and some nasty hypnotic tribal rhythms.

In January 2015 he founded his own label, LHR, with the focus on deeply rooted warehouse techno. Lars Huismann Records is a journey in heavy melodic industrialesque techno music, built-in an atmospheric and pulsating frame.

LHR001 started with a full-length EP and release party in Tresor Berlin. Four beautifully cut tracks that take you on a journey through different areas of techno. It is an obsession in hard drilling percussion, banging synth-elements, and drums that roll together to create a more complex groove-pattern. His second release on LHR is even more powerful.

Hard stomping noisy bigroom kicks with very individual signature sounds. Perfect for the discerning techno crowd. Metallic synth melodies and hypnotic vocal sampling which drill the inside of your ear and controlled bass that perpetually drives the track forward. This excursion has deadly effectiveness. Heavy pounding no mercy primetime techno that pushes you to the edge and throws you into the abyss.




TRVLR & Green is a duo from Zwolle, NL. This duo consists of Ronald Vosseberg (TRVLR) and Phillip Green.

They are no strangers to playing back2back and have mastered the skill of Analogue and Digital synchronious Djing.

These master DJs that have been in the techno scene for decades are able to synchronise a controller with vinyl turntables for a truly amazing experience that takes the best from the old school and new school and mixes it together.

TRVLR & Green have a black belt in Techno and they have got the moves to show it, with an extremely impressive stage presence.

Techno DJ based in Birmingham/London. In the short space of time of being a DJ, he has gained a residency for a small techno event in London called BLACK88.

The style of techno he plays can vary depending on the environment he’s in but with a usual bpm range of 132-136bpm, lots of those heavy beats (you know what we’re talking about 😉) and voracious high ranges.

The Subdermic began writing music from childhood, using a cheap keyboard sampler & multi-track tape machine to create, overlay & record simple hypnotic loops. Drawing her early influences from the New Romantic & new Wave era alongside genres such as Blues, Funk, Jazz, Prog-rock, Ambient & Psychedelia.

Through into her teenage years she witnessed the early Acid House scene which inspired her & subsequently she discovered for herself the genre of Techno which captivated her attention profoundly & prompted her to begin a serious collection of studio equipment to begin honing her own sound.

The production sound of The Subdermic is infectious, consistently strives to produce fresh & innovative electronic music & always remain forward-thinking in her style, drawing influence from many different artists from across the vast span of the electronic music Genre & around the globe such as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, OMD, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, LFO, N-joi, 808 State, The Prodigy, Mundo Musique, Jeff Mills, Cari Lekebusch, Ritchie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Surgeon, Headroom, Claude Young to name just a few.

Her First 12″ record release in 2001 on UCMG London/GmbH label & distribution company, the sell-out release entitled ‘Nymph EP’, followed up in 2002 on energy industries 12″ called ‘The Breakers of Grimsby’.

Her First live PA’s were performed at Democracy, Cleethorpes then crowds of 2000 alongside Paul Oakenfold at the Birmingham Institute, Pure Techno in Hull, SECT in Leeds & a residency with Motherchip Connexxion in Cambridge.

​The music of The Subdermic has appeared on BBC Radio 1 with John Peel presenting Nymph EP as well as many online radio shows such as the Luminary Whitenoise show hosted by DJ Dave Clarke, other shows include Detroit Warmth 313 with Aaron-Carl, The Public Stand, Wired up Radio, NTS London with SIREN, Report2Dancefloor Radio, & many more.

The Subdermic Started the Techno label Subdermic in 2008 & self-released 4 EPs.

Her 2010 track ‘Electric Cabaret’ was rated as Dave Clarke’s top track of 2010 & was released in 2011 with support also from the late Aaron Carl. The remix of the track also had support from non-other than the Godfather of the genre of techno himself; Juan Atkins of Detroit.

Her other label releases include Vegim’s ‘TMM’ (‘Take More Music’), Bass Agenda recordings, AMU recordings & MER of Switzerland.

​Following a sabbatical The Subdermic returned in 2015 Self-released debut LP available only on Bandcamp – ‘What the Eyes Truly See’, followed up by ‘Joyride’ on Bass Agenda in 2016, which saw a diversity of style & was well regarded in the Electro community.

​As if fate had a hand in this release coming to Bass Agenda Recordings. The Subdermic was also featured on Dave Clarke’s White Noise 500 compilation, celebrating 500 episodes of the well-known show, which was released by The Public Stand techno label based in Rotterdam.

​2016 was her most notable EP & 9th release, ‘Scaring Horses’ , a five track techno EP which received considerable support from industry names such as Dave Clarke, Claude Young, Thomas P. Heckmann, Ade Fenton & Oliver Bondzio to name a few.

​2017 saw an exciting remix Project with Miss Electric & her MER techno label, with a remix of Energuns ‘Circular Turnround’, alongside prollifient techno figures such as Ade Fenton & an exciting 303 fuelled release on the mighty Balkan Vinyl acid house imprint.

2018 Brought her first soundtrack LP, entitled ‘Morphology’, on the seminal Opal Tapes imprint & two acid releases for Acidworx of Australia.

Second Room

Tom Scott aka AUDIOFAIL has been touring on the professional circuit for more than 10 years, including performing live mixes on local FM radio.

During that time he has helped establish and worked with artists such as Jon 1st, GLXY and Jake Twell.

Most recently he has worked for Mondo Records alongside legendary British music producer Darren Tate, and helped promote nights for Primitive Music in Cambridge.

In terms of style Tom’s influences include Village Underground, Egg, E1, Fabric, Corsica Studios, Cercle and Boiler Room. Tom has an insatiable drive to keep up to date with the latest tracks and artists; something people can’t miss when they see his enthusiasm and witness his artistry behind the decks.


Damian S started learning to DJ in 1989 and began playing out in 1992 at various legal and illegal events around Cambridgeshire and beyond. During the 90s he played for many promoters including Kite High, Proper Stuff, Section 47 at venues such a

s Club UK Ipswich, The Cambridge Junction, boat parties on the Thames, and numerous hard Techno events located anywhere a sound system could be set up.

In more recent times DamianS has been DJing and producing anything from Nudisco through to Techno and went international 2 years ago by performing at events in Ibiza, Poland, as well as at a few events called EastBam for which he is a co-head honcho.

In the last year, Damian has shifted focus more towards DJing techno, having performed twice for Found Sounds and also at Tanz Bar, Szczecin, Poland. When it comes to techno Damian likes to play anything from melodic to dark with smooth layered blends being his mixing style.

“Techno is my favourite music to play out, and always has been”


Devotee of tasty basslines, thumping percussion, and undeniable grooves; expect to move to the Massive Cat sound.


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